Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'm speechless...

Wow, its been a long time. I'm meant to be doing my DT homework, but lets say this an further extension of it. So, today in DT we had to make mood boards for inspiration when it came to designing our chairs and we had to choose a style period from history. I've decided to stick with Surrealism, although my other option was Art Nouveau, i just think you can be REALLY creative with surrealism. Anyway, more to the point as i was wasting time for a good reason - i was picking letters for my Surrealism Title, they're all different so as to look surreal and weird. As i was doing that randre, my DT & AS Computing buddy decided to show me this amazing artist/ photographer/creative guy (not sure what he fits in really, all of them i guess) called Carl Warner, as she was wondering whether his work was surrealism. In the end we found out that it was and randre was annoyed that she hadn't chosen that style. OH WELL, now i can use his images ( should i feel bad?)
Anywhooo, so i would like to give credits before you see his images soooo

    Lechar Swerdna   -  for introducing me to this guys amazing mind and work
   Carl Warner         -  for having an amazingly imaginative mind and producing his astounding work
      (maybe he should go at the top, oh well. Here are some of my fave's)

London :)


This is one of my favourites :D

This is randre's favourite :D

This one's called 'Lake District Cheesescape' 

The sea waves are red cabbage leaves!

This is another favourite, i think the  dangly bits are carrots :)

As much as i love it, its a wast of chocolate cake. I think the sea is salmon.

The sea is made out of fish!!! This is actually a video and it looks absolutely amazing.


I actually saw a programme where he made this foodscape.

He also does adds, although i think the fish looks slightly out of place.

Courgette State Building...

He also has lots of videos, i especially like this one because the palm trees are made out of paperclips, but i cant put the actual  video on, he's it can't be embedded so here's the link.
The link to his website is, where there are 4 folders of his foodscape work and more kl videos. I think his work is fun to look at too, i mean guessing and figuring out what food he used for in what, its really inspiring. I'm hoping it will inspire some imaginative chair ideas from me. We shall wait and see. 

anyway, keeping following, havent said that in a while. i hope to do another post soon about peacocks and my late obsession over them. YAY. 


Mary Lee said...

omg these pictures are magical! looks so yummy tehe

Amen Seo said...

I am completely speechless too :O
There are such amazing people in the world! It's in fact almost belittling. WOW :)

SR said...

Beautiful pictures.. the artist is very talented

Sanju Namrata said...

eurgh that cheescape photo makes me so hungry ;)

Lehcar Swerdna said...

Thank you very much for the credit. I am soo inspired by his work i was SO close to posting about him MONTHS ago xxxx Love his work xxxx